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351 Knight of the Garter; King of ISLE OF MAN (de) STANLEY, John (I85365)
352 Lord Mortimer of Wigmore; (Gwladys' 2nd husband) Mortimer, Ralph (I83699)
353 Lord of ALLERDALE (ATTERDALE) & Carlisle; (CEANMOR?); King of CUMBRIA Maldred (I79554)
354 Lord of PARNHAM (Parham) de VALOINES (VALOIGNES), Theobald (I85901)
355 Lord of Raby; (FitzUTRECH) FitzUCHTRED, Dolfin (I84705)
356 Lord of Wigmore de MORTIMER, Hugh (I85882)
357 of Darnley (DERNELEY); 2nd Seigneur d' AUBIGNY Alan (Sir) STEWART (STUART) (I84664)
358 of DUMNONIA Cynwal ap FRWDWR (I85202)
359 of the CIMMERIANS Antenor II (III; King) of SICAMBRI (I84373)
360 of VANALAND; King of the SWEDES (UPPSALA; YNGVISSON ?; ODINSSON ?; GOD) Njord (Niordr) `the Rich' of NORTUN (I84235)
361 poss. aka Aethelric (aka due to transcription error); `the Historian' Aethelwerd I (Earldorman) of WESSEX (I85806)
362 poss. aka Ahmose Nefertari Nefretiri (I84966)
363 poss. aka Eanna Airgthach; poss. 21st MONARCH of IRELAND Nuadu (Nuaghat) Declam MacECHACH (I84510)
364 poss. aka Edburga; Regent Queen of ENGLAND (1035-37) van Normandie, Emma (I16561)
365 poss. aka Maria von POLOTSK; van KUMANIE; von POLOWCEN (Miss) KOTYANOVNA (Princess) of KUMANS (I85786)
366 poss. aka Mutnofret; (eponym) Libya (Queen) of EGYPT (I85101)
367 poss. aka Thutmose III, q.v.; (Aigyptos); eponym of AIGYPTIADS Aegyptus (King) of EGYPT (I85096)
368 poss. aka Thyri KLACKSDOTTIR; av JYLLAND; poss. aka Thorny (Thyrne) HARALDSDOTTER av JUTLAND Danebod, Thyra (I21073)
369 poss. fought at Hastings with Wm the Conqueror; poss. `the Admiral' de NEVILLE, Gilbert (Sir) (I84719)
370 poss. same as Thutmose II (4th of 18th dynasty), q.v.; aka Belos (King) of CHEMNIS; (`Belus' is Greek form of `Baal' (Lord)) Belus (King) of EGYPT (I85098)
371 Praetor of ROME; (`the Cretan'; CRECITUS ?) Antonius Crecitus, Marcus (I5310)
372 Praetor of ROME; Consul Antonius Orator, Marcus (I5313)
373 Princess of HESSE-KASSEL Elizabeth of HESSE (I85763)
375 Progenitor of Europe and Central Asia; eponym of YAPHETIDY; aka Yabet' (Yephet); aka Japheth (Japeth) ADANYA; aka Iafeth; prob. aka Jupiter (Zeus); aka Pra-Japati of INDIA Jafet (I5588)
376 Queen of EGYPT; (Tetischeri) Tetisheri of THEBES (I84971)
377 Robert Lord of Skelton, m. Agnes St. Clair daughter of Fulk de Paganell and had 2 sons: Adam and Robert. He died in 1094.

a Norman knight who came to England with William I the Conqueror and who was awarded by the gift of many manors, chiefly in Yorkshire, of which Skelton was the principal. His son, the second Robert de Bruce (1078?–1141), received from Scotland’s King David I, his comrade at the English court of Henry I, a grant of the lordship of Annandale, in Scotland. The second Robert later grew estranged from David and renounced his Scottish fief of Annandale, which, however, was restored to his son, the third Robert (fl. 1138–89?).

The family’s royal connections began when the fourth Robert (d. before 1191) married Isabel, who was the natural daughter of William I the Lion, king of Scotland. Their son, the fifth Robert (d. 1245), married Isabel, second daughter of David, Earl of Huntingdon, and niece of William I.

The sixth Robert (1210–95), son of the fifth, was one of the 13 claimants to the Scottish throne in 1291. When the English king Edward I decided in favour of John de Balliol, Robert de Bruce resigned Annandale to his son, the seventh Robert (1253–1304), who was already (by marriage) Earl of Carrick. The eighth Robert de Bruce (1274–1329) revived his grandfather’s claim to the throne and became king of Scotland in 1306 (see Robert I under Robert [Scotland]). Robert I established Scottish independence from England and is revered as one of Scotland’s great national heroes. His brother Edward (d. 1318) was killed while fighting to make himself effective king of Ireland.

The direct line of the Bruces ended in 1371 with the death of King Robert’s son, David II (1324–71; see David II under David [Scotland]). The crown of Scotland then passed to a grandson of Robert I (through the female line)—namely, Robert Stewart, who, as Robert II, was the first of the Scottish royal house of Stewart (later, Stuart) and ancestor of the English house of Stuart.

? also marries a Gunnora

also - believed born 1030 in Bruis, Normandy, France but this may be due to a fight with his father in Scotland, after which he was sent to Normandy.

de Brusse, De Brus Robert Bruce (I83437)
378 the HEROIC; 100th MONARCH of IRELAND; Nia Naire Criffan Crimthann (Criomthann; II) `Niadh-Nar' MacLUGAID (I84592)
379 this lineage, making Foenius Farsaid 18-great grandson of Noah instead of 2-great grandson, is a later embellishment on the earliest legendary pedigree Glunfind MacLAMFIND (I84542)
380 Took part in the Viking attck on Bayeux, where Count Berenger of Bayeux was killed, and his daughter Poppa captured and taken in 886, by Rollo as his "Danish" wife de Bayeux, Berengar (I60685)
381 von FRANKEN; (excommunicated 1076 by Pope Gregory VII, stood barefoot for three days in winter as penance) van Zwaben, Hendrik IV (I8211)
382 was King of England from 6 April 1199 until his death.  Plantagenet, Jan Lackland (I15873)
383 `the Unhappy Countess' Bowes, Mary Eleanor (I81253)
384 `The Wizard Earl'; Knight of the Garter Percy, Henry (I38269)
385 ``Old King Coel was a merry old soul''; (Croilus); poss. av CAMULOD Coel I King Cole (I83930)
386 "a most religious woman, noble in character and noble by birth" Osburh (I82532)
387 "De Geleerde", Landgraaf van Hessen Kassel van Hessen-Kassel, Maurits de Geleerde (I8555)
388 "De Grote Keurvorst" van Brandenburg van Brandenburg, Friedrich Wilhelm (I25908)
389 "De Jongste". Graaf van Nassau Siegen (RK). van Nassau Siegen, Jan (I25969)
390 "De Middelste". Graaf van Nassau Siegen van Nassau-Dillenburg, Johann II (I8557)
391 "God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, who from all eternity, did, in the beginning of Time, of nothing, create Red Earth; and of Red Earth framed Adam; and of a Rib out of the side of Adam fashioned Eve. After which Creation, Plasmation, and Formation, succeeded Generations, as follows." - Four Masters.

Descendants are referred to as 'Semites'.

['Irish Pedigrees or Origin and Stem of The Irish Nation - John O'Hart 1892 Pub. James Duffy & Co.] 
Adam (I5256)
392 "Koningin" van Engeland Grey, Queen of England Jane (I32415)
393 "Maaike Meu" van Hessen Kassel, Maria Louise (I7591)
394 "notaio e pievano di San Giacomo di Rialto", genoemd in het blad 'Venezia Cinquecento - Studi di storia dell'arte e della cultura' (tot eind 18e eeuw), 14, 70, 130 n45; Fasol, Giacomo (I5836)
395 "Obijt in Patria Alieua" (gestorven in het buitenland) Smulders, Hendrick (I2071)
396 "of Gloucester Co., VA"
[[Niet verwerkt:
Hanks, Thomas (I79467)
397 "of Gloucester, VA" Hanks, Thomas (I79467)
398 "Prince Consort", Hertog van Saksen. van Saksen Coburg, Albert Franz August Karl (I25312)
399 "Uit Riga" van Moritz, Elisabeth (I26212)
400 Tenminste nog één levende persoon is verbonden aan deze aantekening - detailgegevens worden niet weergegeven. Levend (I7449)

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